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DivAirCity | The Power of Diversity & Inclusion for Climate Neutral Cities

The latest Covid-19 pandemic has stressed the relationship between air polluted urban areas and health & well-being. On top of this, it has demonstrated that a pandemic is not a social leveler but stresses the impact of social inequalities in cities. The paradigm among air pollution, diversity, social inequalities and cities is a challenge that needs immediate action.

The DivAirCity Project

DivAirCity is a project that “recognizes, accepts and celebrates differences” in cities and turns them into a true value to address the emergency of air pollution and climate change. DivAirCity shifts the urban paradigm by valuing human diversity as a resource to define new services and models towards cultural-driven green cities. The project focuses on the nexus between people, places, peace, economic growth, and its impact on air quality and decarbonisation.

DivAirCity is a 4-year innovation project, funded by the European Commission under the H2020 program, within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals, valuing diversity and social inclusion to achieve innovative, creative, culture- driven, green and carbon neutral urban society.

Stay Tuned

DivAirCity addresses the equation of social inequality, health conditions and air pollution in cities. It involves 26 EU organizations and 68 external stakeholders from all five continents and creates replicable pilots starting from 5 EU cities: Aarhus (Danmark), Bucharest (Romania), Castellon (Spain), Orvieto (Italy), Potsdam (Germany).

The project will start in September 2021. Stay tuned!

CrowdfundingHub and DivAirCity

Community finance and community ownership are becoming attractive to citizens who would want to invest in improvements to air quality in cities and thereby create financial and social returns through improved quality of living. DivAirCity intends to create a set of Smart Cities Contracts enabled by blockchain technology to facilitate new services for citizens.

As one of the partner organizations of DivAirCity, CrowdfundingHub provides professional consulting services and its expertise in crowdfunding and alternative finance.

CrowdfundingHub will develop Community Finance solutions to invest in projects to improve air quality in cities. This will be achieved by developing and testing Smart City Smart Contracts on Blockchain technology. Together with DivAirCity, CrowdfundingHub aims to involve more citizens and private investors in air quality improvements in Europe.

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