Stichting MKB Financiering Mona Keijzer Certificated Financing Advisor SME

Netherlands | First Diplomas of Certified Financing Advisor for SMEs Awarded by State Secretary Mona Keijzer

On June 10th 2021, State Secretary Mona Keijzer awarded the first…
ENTRANCE CrowdfundingHub cooperation, project cooperation

ENTRANCE Webinar | Funding Mechanisms For Providers of Sustainable Transport & Mobility Solutions

Do you have innovative solutions in the sector of sustainable…
DivAirCity project CrowdfundingHub partner

DivAirCity | The Power of Diversity & Inclusion for Climate Neutral Cities

The latest Covid-19 pandemic has stressed the relationship between…
Community Finance Innovation in Sports Club find new money flows

Financial Innovations in Sports | As a Club, Also Look for New Money Flows

Many Dutch clubs are seeing declining membership numbers. This…
CfPA Crowdfunding Invest Summit 2021 Ronald Kleverlaan Crowdfunding in Europe

CrowdInvest Summit 2021 | Engage Leading Experts and Crowdfunding Success Strategies

CrowdInvest Summit 2021 Convened by Crowdfunding Professional…
IFAMA 2021 Virtual Conference new ownership models of agriculture business

IFAMA Conference 2021 | How Can New Financial Models Help Agri-Business And Food Industry

IFAMA - A global food system network IFAMA is a vibrant global…
CrowdThermal project geothermal projects in EU presentation

CrowdThermal Presentation | A Vision for Citizens’ Empowerment in Geothermal Projects

CROWDTHERMAL supports the European Green Deal aiming at reaching…
ENTRANCE CrowdfundingHub cooperation, project cooperation

ENTRANCE | Mobilising Financial Resources to Accelerate the Scale-up of Sustainable Transport Solutions

The ENTRANCE project aims to offer a legitimate European matchmaking…
ECAF Employee ownership report

Report | Make Employee Ownership Work in Startups and SMEs

Employee ownership offers opportunities for a more equal distribution…

CrowdThermal Webinar | Targeting Accessibility and Co-ownership for Geothermal Projects

CrowdThermal project aims to empower the European public to directly…

Italy | Crowdfunding Report 2020

Introduction Every year, Starteed realizes the Report on Crowdfunding…
Employee participation, CrowdfundingHub, crowdfunding

Employee Ownership | What Opportunities Will It Bring ?

Employee ownership is the process whereby employees are more…