CrowdThermal Webinar | Targeting Accessibility and Co-ownership for Geothermal Projects

CrowdThermal project aims to empower the European public to directly participate in the development of geothermal projects with the help of alternative financing schemes (crowdfunding). It is funded by EU Horizon 2020.

One of European Union’s challenges is to increase the use of renewable energy to 32% by the year of 2030, and become energy neutral by 2050. To achieve this, the EU aims at a safe and affordable energy supply and is therefore developing a diverse portfolio of local renewable energy sources (especially geothermal energy). Direct participation of citizens is essential when it comes to geothermal energy projects. Every individual can contribute to build a more sustainable and greener Europe!

In order to help this direct participation, CrowdThermal will formulate new financial models for crowdsourcing, creating new financial services and communication strategies.

Therefore, the GEOENVI and CrowdThermal projects are co-organising a webinar entitled “Targeting acceptability and co-ownership for deep geothermal projects” on 16 March 2021, 10-12 am CET.

To reach the European Commission’s 55% emissions reduction target by 2030, the development of deep geothermal energy is needed. Whereas some deep geothermal operations seem well integrated in their territories, others face concerns or oppositions. This webinar has three focuses: sharing information about local geothermal projects, introducing the alternative ways (crowdfunding) for financing geothermal projects, establishing public participation throughout Europe.

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During this webinar, CrowdfundingHub’s expert Georgie Friederichs will talk about Complementary perspectives on public participation and crowdfunding. Do not miss this opportunity if you want to participate in European geothermal energy projects and build a better future for our offspring.

Webinar Agenda

Welcome – Philippe Dumas, Secretary General of EGEC and GEOENVI project coordinator

Session 1: GEOENVI Recommendations and reactions

Moderated by Pieter Valkering, VITO

Presenting GEOENVI recommendations:

  • Introducing the GEOENVI recommendations – Pieter Valkering, VITO
  • Public participation, insight from France – Fanny Branchu, BRGM
  • Local benefits, good practices from Italy – Loredana Torsello, COSVIG

Discussed by panellists:

  • Ben Laenen, VITO, Belgium
  • Agnes Allansdottir, University of Siena, Italy
  • Julie Purdue, AMORCE, France
  • Tamás Megyes, Szeged District Heating, Hungary
  • Hólmfríður SigurðardóttirOR, Iceland
  • Mehmet Kaygusuz, Sanko Holding, Turkey

Session 2: Complementary perspectives on public participation and crowdfunding

Moderated by Fanny Branchu, BRGM

Presenting complementary perspectives:

  • Olivier Ejderyan, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Crowdfunding and public engagement, by Jan Hildebrand, IZES and Georgie Friederichs, CrowdfundingHub from the CrowdThermal project

Questions from the audience

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