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DivAirCity | The Power of Diversity & Inclusion for Climate Neutral Cities

The latest Covid-19 pandemic has stressed the relationship between…
CrowdThermal project geothermal projects in EU presentation

CrowdThermal Presentation | A Vision for Citizens’ Empowerment in Geothermal Projects

CROWDTHERMAL supports the European Green Deal aiming at reaching…
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ENTRANCE | Mobilising Financial Resources to Accelerate the Scale-up of Sustainable Transport Solutions

The ENTRANCE project aims to offer a legitimate European matchmaking…

CrowdThermal Webinar | Targeting Accessibility and Co-ownership for Geothermal Projects

CrowdThermal project aims to empower the European public to directly…
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Launch of ENTRANCE | Boosting Sustainable Transport Solutions in Europe

  Launch of ENTRANCE: Accelerating the market access…