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ENTRANCE | Mobilising Financial Resources to Accelerate the Scale-up of Sustainable Transport Solutions

The ENTRANCE project aims to offer a legitimate European matchmaking platform and complementary off-line services designed to mobilise financial resources to accelerate the market access and scale-up of sustainable and zero emission transport solutions.

ENTRANCE:  A unique EU online Matchmaking platform for the mobility sector

ENTRANCE has created a unique EU online Matchmaking platform for the entire European transport and mobility landscape that will be sustainable beyond the project’s duration. The platform:

  • Connects a critical mass of relevant stakeholders from the “supply-demand-finance” triangle in the entire transport and mobility sector, including all transport means and modes;
  • Creates an increased visibility of “first-of-a-kind” transport solutions, foreseen replacement plans and schedules of major buyers and public and private financing opportunities;
  • Does an automatic matchmaking that will facilitate the scale up, market uptake, and access to finance as well as generate specific alerts.

All ENTRANCE platform users receives support in financing opportunities through the individual and automatic matchmaking process of the ENTRANCE platform. This includes public and private finance programs as well as standard blended finance models for public/private/alternative funding specifically prepared for the transport sector.

Before each of the ENTRANCE events, an ENTRANCE Open Competition will be arranged to select 8-10 innovative zero emission transport solution providers. The solution providers selected through the ENTRANCE Open Competition receive as award personalized funding advise and support in the complete application process.

ENTRANCE will evaluate online alternative financing mechanisms, including crowdfunding, invoice trading, impact bonds, mini-bonds, online SME exchanges and funding through tokenized assets such as Security Token Offerings to provide state-of-the-art innovative online financing solutions.

CrowdfundingHub & ENTRANCE

As a member of ENTRANCE consortium, CrowdfundingHub is strongly involved in the transport and mobility sector by providing investors and innovators with professional consultancy services in alternative finance and community ownership solutions.

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, CrowdfundingHub provides alternative finance solutions for SMEs by promoting and developing community ownership solutions for employees, customers and local stakeholders. Specialized in co-invest and co-own local projects and businesses in renewable energy, food production, nature based solutions and real estate, CrowdfundingHub works with a network of alternative finance specialists in Europe and initiates regular pan-European research projects.

Innovation finance support services are the main response of ENTRANCE to lower the barriers for access to finance of innovators and uptake companies.That’s where CrowdufundingHub and ENTRANCE converge.

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