Italy | Current State of Crowdfunding 2021

The Current State of Crowdfunding in Italy

What is the current state of crowdfunding in Italy? This year, based on the Italian crowdfunding market performance in 2020, CrowdfundingHub has carried out the research on the analysis and the information regrouping of the crowdfunding market in Italy.

Current state of Crowdfunding in Europe 2021 CrowdfundingHub

Current State of Crowdfunding in Europe 2021 – Download the report

The Italian crowdfunding market has seen a massive increase, from €65,6 million in 2015 to €772,8 million in 2020. According to Starteed, a Turin-based crowd-company that develops crowdfunding market solutions, the increase in volume came from improvements in regulation and in operational professionalism.

Donation-based and Reward-based Crowdfunding

In 2020, the donation and reward-based crowdfunding collected €101,8 million, as compared to €73,7 million in 2019. Donation-based and reward-based platforms that are actively operating in Italy include Forfunding, Rete del Dono, Kendoo, Produzioni dal Basso, Eppela, IdeaStarter.

Equity-based Crowdfunding

Equity-based crowdfunding in Italy experienced a 95% increase since 2019, reaching €122,5 million in 2020. The collected volume was also impacted by the global pandemic. Nevertheless, the market still performed well enough, thanks to the supply increase of the real estate market and of investment vehicles. However, risks were migrated to start-ups.

595 campaigns were financed by 42 Italian platforms that are dedicated to equity-based crowdfunding. In addition, 58% of the companies that chose to raise capital were innovative start-ups, followed by 13% of innovative SMEs, then by “classic” SMEs and investment vehicles. 49% of the collected amount was used by companies for marketing investment and 30% for product development.

Active platforms: Opstart, Crowdfundle, Walliance, Mamacrowd, Backtowork24

Lending-based and Real Estate Crowdfunding

In 2020, the lending-based crowdfunding market experienced an increase of 75%. Lending-based crowdfunding dominated the market with a total volume of €179,5 million. From June 2019 to June 2020, 1.200 loans with an amount of €134,6 million were provided, showing a 52% increase as compared to the previous period.

In Italy, real estate crowdfunding campaigns raised on average €804.914 per project. There are 10 dedicated platforms for equity and lending-based crowdfunding. These platforms helped to finance 154 projects since inception. From June 2019 to June 2020, Italian platforms raised €48,7 million, resulting in a 185% increase since the previous period.

Active platforms: Borsa del credito, Lendimi, October, Prestiamoci, Rendimento Etico, Soisy

Download the report HERE for more detailed research result.