CfPA Crowdfunding Invest Summit 2021 Ronald Kleverlaan Crowdfunding in Europe

CrowdInvest Summit 2021 | Engage Leading Experts and Crowdfunding Success Strategies

CrowdInvest Summit 2021

Convened by Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA), an organization that represents the interests of worldwide stakeholders in the crowdfunding community, the 2021 CrowdInvest Summit will take place on 17th May 2021, from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. (UTC -5:00).

The Summit aims to engage leading experts in crowdfunding industry, learn about the latest winning strategies of crowdfunding investments and build a global network of crowdfunding experts, moderators and insiders. Speeches will be given on topics such as:

  • Crowdfunding in Europe
  • Crowdfunding in Australia / Oceania
  • International Fintech Panel
  • Investment advisor’s perspectives on crowdfunding
  • Overview of crowdfunding Ecosystem
  • Crowdfunding’s impacts on women & minorities & social entrepreneurs
  • Tools for crowdfunding success
  • Success stories: Crowdfunding strategies
  • Economic impacts of Equity crowdfunding, etc.

CrowdfundingHub’s participation

The chairman of CrowdfundingHub and European Centre for Alternative Finance (ECAF), Mr. Ronald Kleverlaan, will deliver a speech about the current situation of crowdfunding industry in Europe. Investors, entrepreneurs and crowdfunding practitioners who would like to get more informed about the industry in Europe are more than welcomed to join this event.

CfPA Crowdfunding Invest Summit 2021 Ronald Kleverlaan Crowdfunding in Europe

Networking opportunity

This summit is also a perfect opportunity to build a useful and professional network worldwide. CfPA aims to engages people from all walks and strengthens relationships, businesses, and communities through advocacy, education, and professional networking events. At this summit, you can talk with other attendees, experts and moderators…moving from track to track, table to table at your own discretion.

To participate in this summit, simply purchase your ticket through the CfPA link here. If you are already a CfPA member, remember to use the same email address you registered with at the CfPA. With the link above, you can also have access to an event program and a full speaker list.

We hope to meet you at the event!