France | Barometer of Crowdfunding 2019 FPF-MAZARS

Financement Participatif France (FPF, English: Participative Financing France) and Mazars have collaborated for the publication of reference barometer of Crowdfunding in France, 2019. This report is published on 20th Feb, 2020.

Crowdfunding continues to grow and has confirmed its role as an alternative financing method.

An overview of crowdfunding in France
  • A year of record for crowdfunding: 56% of increase in collected funds in 2019, reaching €629 million.
  • Alternative finance platforms: €1.4 billion of funds were collected 2019 of all categories (crowdfunding*, business lending, donation-based crowdfunding and embedded giving).
  • Alternative finance for business has augmented 40%, reaching to €1 billion.
  • All sectors of activity are concerned today: ranging from the most traditional ones to the most innovative ones.
  • In the past few years, crowdfunding has become a fully-fledged form of popular finance.

*In this report, the category of “crowdfunding” does not include lending to individuals. In the meanwhile, lending to consommation is considered as banking function and is not included in the report, either.

Total amount of collected funds

Collected funds: €1,4 billion in 2019, including crowdfunding (€629m), business lending (€358m), donation-based crowdfunding (€410m) and embedded giving (€9m)

Concerning the different financing models (donation-based, lending and investment), there is no distinction between businesses and individuals. This is because lending and investment are only for financing businesses, at the same time, donations can be intended for a company, an association or an individual.

Embedded giving (French: Solidarité embarquée) corresponds to new solutions for donation-based crowdfunding, such as rounding off the salary slips or registers of stores/supermarkets. This type of financing is particularly offered by Micro-don.

Report download

For more detailed information, download the report in French here.