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The Netherlands | Current State of Crowdfunding 2022

An Overview: A Total Collection of €730 million in the Netherlands

In 2021, 730 million euros was raised by crowdfunding in the Netherlands. This is an increase of 75% as compared to 2020, when 417 million euros were raised. In 2021, crowdfunding finally caught up after Covid-19 rendered a less collection in 2020.

Companies have raised more than €655 million through crowdfunding in 2021, which is almost 80% more than in 2020, when companies raised only €368 million. Companies have had an average of 250,000 euros collected in 2021.

For creative projects, such as film, music and theater, the total amount raised increased by 10% to €12.7 million. The average amount per creative project was 14,000 euros. For social projects, such as a playground or school project, the total amount raised increased by almost 30%, to €30.9 million. The average amount per social project also reached 3,000 euros.

Consumers who financed a personal loan via crowdfunding for the purchase of a car or the extension of their house, for example, raised a total of 30.2 million euros. This is more than double the figure for 2020, when 13.4 million was raised.

After a first-time decrease of collected funds in 2020, the Dutch crowdfunding industry grew sharply in 2021.

15,700 Projects Financed by Crowdfunding

In 2021, 15,700 projects and enterprises were successfully funded. Almost 60% of the funded projects were social projects in 2021.

Enterprises, real estate and loans dominant Financing for enterprises makes up a large part of the amount raised with crowdfunding. In 2021, 90% of the amount raised was for enterprises. The majority of this was again earmarked for real estate financing. The real estate market is a relevant market for more and more crowdfunding platforms to serve. The most popular form of crowdfunding is a loan. Last year, 89% of the amount raised was in the form of a loan.

Selling Shares, Other Forms of Funding and Consolidation

Although crowdfunding in the form of loans has become far and away dominant in recent years, crowdfunding in the form of selling shares finally seems to be catching on. In 2021, more than €30 million were raised by selling shares. That is almost four times as much as in 2020, when €7.8 million were raised.

More and more crowdfunding platforms are offering other forms of financing in addition to crowdfunding. Thus ZonnepanelenDelen has for some time had its own solar fund and NLInvesteert also mediates in bank financing. Finally, it is notable that for the first time there is real consolidation: firstly, since 2021 fewer crowdfunding platforms are active in the Netherlands, secondly, many small platforms shrunk in 2021 and the large platforms actually grew significantly last year.

Crowdfunding Platforms in the Netherlands
Top 10 Dutch Crowdfunding Platforms CrowdfundingHub

Top 10 Dutch Crowdfunding Platforms – Amount raised in 2022

For the fourth time presents the Crowdfunding Awards for the market leaders and “fast growers” among the crowdfunding platforms.

Through NLInvesteert, more than €125 million was raised in 2021. NLInvesteert was thus the market leader for crowdfunding in the Netherlands. NLInvesteert was also the crowdfunding market leader in lending-based category in 2021. Eyevestor was the crowdfunding market leader venture capital (convertible loans and/or shares) in 2021. Kickstarter was the crowdfunding market leader in reward-based crowdfunding in the Netherlands.

The largest crowdfunding platform Collin Crowdfund has the largest crowdfunding portfolio, making it the largest platform in the Netherlands for the third year in a row. Collin Crowdfund’s portfolio now totals more than 350 million euros. Geldvoorelkaar follows in second place, with a portfolio that now amounts to around 310 million euros.

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