Summerschool Alternative Finance: Challenging The Banks

Entitled “Challenging The Banks” the Amsterdam Summerschool takes place from 16 to 30 July 2016. The course is organized in partnership with VU University and Maastricht University. 

You will learn how traditional “brick-and- mortar” banks work and how they generate profits. But even more interestingly, you will discover their limitations are and how alternative lending practices and new technologies are reshaping financial markets. As an innovative financial centre and birthplace of the first crowdfunding platform,, Amsterdam is the ideal place to investigate the future of this sector.

Banks play a key role in the modern capitalist society: they allow firms and individuals to save and borrow. By specializing in reducing information asymmetries and transaction costs, banks have come to dominate financial markets. However, their reach is not universal and their dominance  not unchallenged. The story of microfinance shows that traditional banking business models are inadequate when lending to the poor. More recently, the advent of the fintech industry has hit at the core business of large banks through its disruptive combination of online platforms, big data and crowdsourcing. This course helps you understand the rapidly changing modern banking industry.


Visit to Dutch arts crowdfunding platform “Voor de Kunst”.

Who Should Join This Course?

Students of Economics, Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship

Course Information

Course level: Advanced Bachelor/Master Lecturers: Dr. Matteo Millone, Prof. Jaap Bos, Mr. Ronald Kleverlaan, Dr. Paul Smeets
Contact hours: 45 (3 ECTS)
Tuition fee: €1.000

More information about how to apply you can find here.