Our Voice | Global SMEs Finance Forum 2019

This year, the 5th Global SMEs Finance Forum is held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

CEO of CrowdfundingHub, Mr. Ronald Kleverlaan, was invited as a special speaker to give presentation about his insights on alternative finance and crowdfunding in Europe.



Ronald Kleverlaan is the Managing Director of European Centre for Alternative Finance and a thought leader on Crowdfunding and Alternative Finance in Europe. He is chairman of Stichting MKB Financiering, the alternative finance association in The Netherlands and managing director of the European Centre for Alternative Finance, an academic research centre at Utrecht University with a multi-disciplinary approach, with researchers from finance, entrepreneurship, law and sociology. ECAF is the leading European research network on Alternative Finance, providing insights in this new industry and providing policy recommendations to national and European regulators and governments.

Ronald is founder and senior partner at CrowdfundingHub, a consultancy firm, specialized in Community Finance, such as crowdfunding, (security) ICOs, Social Impact Bonds and community shares.

Ronald is also a senior advisor for the European Commission on Alternative Finance, co-founder of the European Crowdfunding Network and member of the advisory board of several industry associations in Europe, China, Africa and the USA and member of the Alternative Finance Industry Leadership Board of Cambridge University. Ronald contributed to several books and international publications on alternative finance and is a well-known speaker (including a TED Talk on Crowdfunding) on the trends and future of crowdfunding and community finance.