France | Current State of Crowdfunding 2021

The current state of Crowdfunding in France

What is the current state of crowdfunding in France? This year, based on the French crowdfunding market performance in 2020, CrowdfundingHub has carried out the research on the analysis and the information regrouping of the French crowdfunding market.

Current state of Crowdfunding in Europe 2021 CrowdfundingHub

Current State of Crowdfunding in Europe 2021 – Download the report

The French crowdfunding market reached an unprecedented record of €1,02 billion collected by 37 platforms, resulting in a sharp increase of 62,2% as compared to 2019. Lending-based crowdfunding, as the market leader, takes up 72,7% of the market.

An Overview on French Crowdfunding Market Performance in 2020

Current state of crowdfunding in France, French crowdfunding market 2021

Donation-based and Reward-based Crowdfunding

The donation-based crowdfunding market experienced the greatest increase in 2020. It has increased by 174%, reaching a total collected amount of €218,5 million, whereas this number in 2019 was merely €79,6 million. The majority of the volume was collected by donations without rewards, reaching €146 million, as compared to €72,5 million collected by donations with rewards.

Donation-based projects have relatively high success rates: 75,88% for donations without reward and 75,54% for donations with rewards.

Active platforms: KissKissBankBank, Tudigo, Ulule

Equity-based Crowdfunding

As the smallest French crowdfunding market branch, equity-based crowdfunding raised €59,2 million in 2020. The equity-based crowdfunding consists of two main categories: capital crowdfunding and royalty crowdfunding. In 2020, capital crowdfunding collected €57,1 million, financing 522 projects with 16.737 investors. Collecting €2,1 million, royalty crowdfunding only financed 36 projects with 1.146 investors.

Active platforms: Anaxago, Tudigo, Mynewstartup, Sowefund, Wiseed

Lending-based Crowdfunding

In 2020, French lending-based crowdfunding platforms have collected €741 million, resulting in a 46% increase as compared to 2019. Three fourth of the collected volume went to real estate and renewable energy industries. Bond-based loans kept driving the loan market, representing 90,5% of the total volume.

Due to COVID-19, French government has introduced state-guaranteed loans, which only represented a small part in the crowdfunding market: €4,80 million collected, financing 94 projects.

Once again, the collected funds were invested in multiple sectors. About €740,6 million was invested in the economic sector, followed by €1 million invested in the social sector. Only €0,1 million was invested in the cultural sector.

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