Marketplace Lending 2016 | Amsterdam

Schermafdruk 2016-04-21 21.48.24

The rise of marketplace lending in Europe

Raised capital requirements for banks are making it increasingly difficult to get a bank loan. As a result, the demand for alternative financing options is rising, and more and more professional (online) platforms are stepping in to match loan demand to suitable investors. With the help of innovative technology, FinTech startups are creating efficient and transparent marketplaces. These platforms can offer institutional investors attractive returns on (tradeable) assets. At the same time, there is work to be done to ensure transparency and minimize risks. What does this mean for the current bank and investment landscape? Big changes in the near future are inevitable, so where do the opportunities lie for you?


CrowdfundingHub together with IRR present the Marketplace Lending Event at B. Amsterdam on 22 September 2016 – One day conference.

All stakeholders will meet to discuss the latest developments in the Dutch and European Economic Area. With among others:

  • New trends and distribution models in equity- and debt-based lending
  • Regulation: data privacy and profiling
  • Co-existence of traditional financial institutions and FinTech within marketplace lending
  • Investor perspective – what do investors expect from you?
  • Practical cases – International speakers share their experience in countries where Marketplace Lending is already big (UK)