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Current State of Crowdfunding in Italy 2016

An overview Inhabitants: 60,80 million GDP (ppp) per capita: $35,665 (Source: Wikipedia; Image Credit: NuclearVacuum)   Crowdfunding established itself rather quickly in Italy, where Produzioni dal Basso the first donation and reward-based platform was launched in 2005. The growth of the crowdfunding market has been slow, but nevertheless relevant. Crowd-investment (lending and equity) started in […]

Current State of Crowdfunding in Germany 2016

An overview Inhabitants: 81million GDP (ppp) per capita: $47,033 (Source: Wikipedia; Image Credit: NuclearVacuum)   The first reward-based crowdfunding platforms in Germany started in 2010. This was when the term “crowdfunding” was brought to the broader public. Prior to that there were already some lending- and donation-based platforms on the market. A year later in […]

Current State of Crowdfunding in UK 2016

An overview Inhabitants: 64,72 million GDP (ppp) per capita: $39,826 (Source: Wikipedia; Image Credit: NuclearVacuum) Crowdfunding, in all its forms, continues to grow and thrive across the UK. As a country that embraces all the four primary models of crowdfunding, the UK has enjoyed a vibrant and innovative market for some years now and that […]

Launch of Research: Current State of Crowdfunding in Europe

CrowdfundingHub started a research together with crowdfunding professionals in Europe to create a detailed overview of the current state of Crowdfunding in Europe. The publication “Current State of Crowdfunding in Europe” gives an overview on the regulations, trends and size of the industry in more than 25 countries in Europe. This groundbreaking publication gives an overview of the […]

Save The Date For Launch CrowdfundingHub 30 March – 1 April

CrowdfundingHub will launch officially on March 31st during the EU conference “Innovative Enterprise, Financing Ideas from Europe 2016” in The Hague. CrowdfundingHub organizes masterclasses and panels during this 2 day event that will be attended by 800 growth entrepreneurs, national and European officials, finance professionals and business angels. Prior to the launch on March 31st in The […]

Summerschool Alternative Finance: Challenging The Banks

Entitled “Challenging The Banks” the Amsterdam Summerschool takes place from 16 to 30 July 2016. The course is organized in partnership with VU University and Maastricht University.  You will learn how traditional “brick-and- mortar” banks work and how they generate profits. But even more interestingly, you will discover their limitations are and how alternative lending practices […]

Research on the Certification for Crowdfunding Professionals

CrowdfundingHub, as a knowledge centre, is dedicated to develop a sustainable ecosystem supporting the growth of crowdfunding and alternative finance. As part of this ambition CrowdfundingHub encourages knowledge sharing and extensive training programs for crowdfunding professionals. In collaboration with the HAN University of Applied Sciences, CrowdfundingHub started a research in the field of quality improvement […]

European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report

CrowdfundingHub was one of the main contributors to the first European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report (“Moving Mainstream“), published early 2015. The research, conducted by the University of Cambridge, provides a working taxonomy of online alternative finance across Europe. Furthermore, the report suggest that new forms of alternative finance are growing quickly, and this growth is beginning […]

European AltFin Benchmarking Research 2014

As reported last week, the European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey was launched with the support of major European industry associations: CrowdfundingHub, the University of Cambridge, EY the Global Professional Services Organisation. This is the largest study to date on crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and other forms of alternative finance in Europe.  This benchmarking survey, which opened on […]