Building the Alternative Finance Ecosystem


CrowdfundingHub is the European Expertise Centre for Alternative and Community Finance


Business innovation and local communities benefit greatly from a quality crowdfunding and alternative finance ecosystem. We are dedicated to building this ecosystem and supporting the growth of crowdfunding, community finance and other forms of alternative finance.


CrowdfundingHub is the European Expertise Centre on Alternative Finance and Community Finance.  With a core team in Amsterdam and local experts throughout Europe, we are a research and consultancy network of crowdfunding and alternative finance experts. CrowdfundingHub is initiated in 2015 by Ronald Kleverlaan, an advisor to the European Commission and co-founder of the European Crowdfunding Network. 


Crowdfunding Cross Borders: Liability Risks

In 2015 CrowdfundingHub teamed up with FG Laywers to launch a pan-European research to identify liability risks of crowdfunding cross borders. The research is conducted in close cooperation with partners in 11 different European countries. Continue reading 


Current State of Crowdfunding in Europe

This report is based on research conducted by CrowdfundingHub in close cooperation with professionals from all over Europe. It gives an overview of the crowdfunding industry in more than 25 countries. Continue reading


Launch CrowdfundingHub
30 March – 1 April

CrowdfundingHub is initiated in 2015 and will officially launch operations on March 31, 2016, during the EU conference “Innovative Enterprise, Financing Ideas from Europe” in The Hague. During 3 days, we organize several masterclasses, panels and other events. Continue reading


Summerschool: Challenging The Banks

The Amsterdam Alternative Finance Summerschool takes place from 16-30 July. The course focuses on how alternative lending practices are reshaping financial markets. CrowdfundingHub partners with VU University for this Summerschool. Continue reading


Financing the Creative & Cultural Sector

We regularly organize (training) events with a specific focus. On February 11th there is a CrowdfundingCafé in Amsterdam and on February  17th there is a CrowdTuesday in Brussels. Both events will elaborate on the role of crowdfunding for the creative & cultural Sector.  







CrowdfundingHub closely cooperates with the following partners for our research and other activities:

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As an independent knowledge centre we provide research on trends in alternative finance for governments, associations and corporate partners. We collaborate with several universities in Europe.

Network of experts

CrowdfundingHub has a strong network of 100+ legal, tax and campaign specialists in Europe. We enlist their assistance in collecting data about the current state of alternative finance in Europe.

Events & Training

We develop workshops and training programs for corporates and governments. Students can visit the Summerschool, a joint initiative with VU University and Maastricht University. 


CrowdfundingHub is a specialist in Corporate Crowdfunding, advises governments on regulatory issues and on ways to foster alternative finance both on a national and European level.

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