Strategy Consultancy


Our experts help financial organisations, governments, NGOs and new Fintech startups to launch a new internal or external crowdfunding platform or to scale-up and improve an existing crowdfunding platform.

New crowdfunding platform

For companies launching a new crowdfunding, peer-2-peer or marketplace lending platform we support the core team with strategic advise to kickstart their platform.

Services include:

  • Make or buy software – Build a new platform from scratch, use a white-label solution from a software vendor or partner with an existing industry player? We help create an overview of the requirements, request quotes from suppliers and support the complete process.
  • Business case – Evaluate and discuss the potential income streams for a new platform and define the business case.
  • Legal advice selection – Find the best legal advisors.
  • Recruite/train core team – Find the right people (internally and externally) to run the crowdfunding platform. See recruiting for more details.


  • Eureeca (2015/2016) – Market research and launch strategy Europe. Researched market potential for equity crowdfunding in Europe, decided on launch market (The Netherlands), recruited Dutch Country Manager and setup a network of crowdfunding advisors to support entrepreneurs
  • Collin Crowdfund (2015/2016) – Supported launch of Collin Crowdfund, the leading P2P platform in The Netherlands. Active in Board of Advisors in first year to speedup growth and decide on strategy of platform
  • Voordekunst (2010) – Advised on the development of the first crowdfunding platform for creative and cultural project (Dutch Kickstarter) in the Netherlands. Hands-on support with development and strategy for the first million being raised on the platform. Currently over 11 million euro raised with over 2.000 projects
  • OnePlanetCrowd – Advised Venture Capital firm Startgreen to launch the first Dutch Crowdfunding platform for Sustainable businesses: OnePlanetCrowd.

Non-profit organisation

Most non-profit organisations know they should change part of their fundraising strategy to project-based fundraising. New donors want to see transparency how they donation re used and want to choose their own projects to invest in.

By launching their own crowdfunding platform, non-profit organisation create the opportunity for themselves to raise additional funding for specific projects. These can be internal projects, but also projects initiated by own employees or external ambassadors/fans.

We can help these organisations by helping them with:

  • Creating a crowdfunding fundraising strategy plan
  • Interim (project) management of a crowdfunding platform
  • Support them by finding software/legel vendors
  • Select/recruit the right people to manage the platform
  • Train the internal crowdfunding team


  • Red Cross: Voorkomderamp

Civic Crowdfunding

Our experts have a wide range of experience in supporting local governments to co-create/crowdsource and crowdfund local projects. This can be done in collaboration with local crowdfunding platforms or by launching a local crowdfunding platform within a city.

Some of the potential services we offer are:

  • Support the start of a local civic crowdfunding platform (software/legal/team)
  • Interim (project) management of a crowdfunding platform
  • Create match-funding structure to co-finance projects on own crowdfunding platform of in collaboration of existing platform
  • Educational program for government officials working together with local citizens
  • Promotional events on crowdfunding for local citizens and entrepreneurs.


  • Voorjebuurt – Supported the founding team to start the first civic crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands

Corporate Crowdfunding (internal/external)

Crowdfunding can be helpful for corporates to test the viability and demand for new products, use it for building a network of ambassadors of early adaptors, but also to raise funding for their own growth by attracting investment from employees, customers or partners.

Research & Innovation
For new products it is interesting to connect with a group of early adaptors who are able to provide early feedback on the first prototype of a product. These early customers will also be ambassadors for the product if they like it. An early (successful) campaign is also a great marketing tool for free publicity.

Product/market testing
By launching a crowdfunding campaign for an existing product in a new country it is possible to test the market interest. When enough people “pre-order” the product, this financing can be used to finance an earlier launch in a country or increase the production and distribution capacity of a product.

Raising investment capital
Organisations with a strong network of customers and partners, can use crowdfunding to raise investment capital from within their own network, instead of using a public crowdfunding platform.

A Do-It-Yourself crowdfunding campaign give a wider flexibility on the branding of the campaign, a better control on the communication with the (potential) investors and a strong Crowd Investor tool to communicate with the investors afterwards.

It is also possible to start an internal crowdfunding campaign to raise investment money from employees. This increases employee engagement and stronger involvement in the company.

Continuous Crowdfunding (own platform)
More and more companies are using crowdfunding in several stages of their growth. With different investment rounds they build a strong network of investors and early adaptors who invest in several rounds. To communicate with these investors and start new campaigns regularly, companies can launch their own crowdfunding platform. Advantage of an own crowdfunding platform is also that is enables a company lo launch quickly, small crowdfunding rounds.

Platform Expansion support
If you are an international platform looking to enter specific countries in the European market, we can help you with a soft landing.

We can help you with:

  • Head-hunting services to find local country manager
  • Recruiting of support, financial and campaign staff (link to HR page)
  • Provide an overview of the (alternative) finance industry in specific countries
  • Introduction to local regulator and local law firm
  • Develop a launch strategy
  • Introducing to partners, investor network, startup networks and media

We have currently a “soft-landing” team in The Netherlands to fully serve the launch of your platform in The Netherlands. Within 2-3 months all legal, practical and HR work can be done and you can have direct access to the investor and start-up network.

We can also provide access and soft-landing services in other countries For Dutch or international platforms. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.