Quick scan

Do you want to know if Crowdfunding is the right choice for your organization, but no idea where to start? Book a Quick Scan.

What is the best strategy for your financing? Which crowdfunding platforms are best for you to use? The Quick Scan will give you in 2 hours an overview of crowdfunding is suitable for your organization.

A quick scan can be booked in our office in Amsterdam, or online by video conferencing for our international clients.


Example case



Quickscan for Snappcar to explore the possibilities to run an crowdfunding campagne outside the Netherlands.

Role played by CrowdfundingHub

After an initial interview, is CrowdfundingHub started to investigate the possibilities for a crowdfundingcampgne outside Netherland. CrowdfundingHub has previously called in the help of its network and an opinion written for Snappcar what the best options are to launch a campaign outside the Netherlands

Do-It-Yourself Crowdfunding

Do you want to start a crowdfunding campaign without using an existing platform? Our advisors can help you with a quick scan [link to quick scan] to identify the possibilities in your country and for your specific case.

At CrowdfundingHub we have a lot of experience in launching independent DIY-crowdfunding campaigns. We can help you with the legal, technical and marketing approach to setup a crowdfunding campaign for your organisation, raising from a few hundred thousand to several million euro.

Our clients range from real-estate agencies that are launching a campaign for individual buildings to companies with a large group of customers and partners that don’t need an external network of investors.

Community Finance

While Crowdfunding is a great tool for individual campaign owners, community finance is a great solution for a group of people who like to finance and collectively own a project together.

We have experience financing and launching cooperative schemes for housing, renewable energy projects and community share models for real estate.