Workshop Crowdfunding / Alternative Finance

CrowdfundingHub organises several in-company workshops and masterclasses in Dutch and English. On special request, we can also give the workshops in German and Spanish.

For governmental organisations, the workshop “Civic-crowdfunding” focusses on the possibilities of public engagement for co-financing public projects.

For non-profit organisations, the workshop “Crowdfunding for non-profits” focusses on the possibilities for bottom-up fundraising. We’ve trained already dozens of non-profit organisations, such as Red Cross and

For larger companies we organise the workshop “Corporate Crowdfunding”. Find an example here

For financial organisations we organise masterclasses on “Alternative Finance for Entrepreneurs”, providing employees insights on the current trends in the alternative finance industry. The European alternative finance industry raised 7 billion euro in 2015 and the industry is a major contributor to companies looking for (growth) financing.

For incubators/accelerators we organise the workshop “Crowdfunding for Startups”. Find an example here

Roadshow of events

An effective way to reach your community or target group as crowdfunding platform or to provide access to finance as governmental organisation is organizing a roadshow. With a roadshow you can reach a lot of investors and entrepreneurs to learn them more on crowdfunding.

For governmental organisations it is a great way to educate the entrepreneurs and investors on the potential of crowdfunding.

For crowdfunding platforms it will promote your organisation as innovator in the industry and as key-partner and co-organizer it will help you create deal-flow while educating the entrepreneurs and investors.

In a series of meetings, workshops and presentations across different cities (in one specific country or in Europe), a large group of investors and/or entrepreneurs get access to state-of-the-art knowledge on crowdfunding.

CrowdfundingHub can help you:
– Finding suitable locations
– Finding suitable speakers
– Developing content of the program
– Managing the complete roadshow


Would you like to organize an event about crowdfunding or alternative finance in general? Or would you like to jointly organize an event, but you do not know what the best speakers are?

Key-note speaker / presentations (Dutch/English)

Within our organisation we have access to the leading though-leaders of crowdfunding in Europe. We have presented in dozens of events worldwide in the last 5 years. Some of the available topics we can present:

  • Current State of Crowdfunding in Europe – Overview of the latest trends in Europe and differences between countries
  • Crowdfunding, more than money – Practical presentation on the additional benefits of crowdfunding for your companies, such as marketing, market research and access to additional finance. Find an example here.
  • Alternative Finance maturity model – Presentation on different maturity levels of the crowdfunding / alternative finance industry in a specific country and what is needed to grow the industry to the next level. Highly recommended as key-note to kick-off a conference.
  • Alternative Finance for SMEsPresentation on the different types of alternative finance for SMEs
  • Civic Crowdfunding – Potential of Crowdfunding for local governments and cities to embrace public engagement and realise co-finance of public infrastructure with civilians.
  • Crowdfunding for start-ups and scale-ups – Masterclass for new and fast-growing companies to raise funding. Practical examples and do’s and don’t’s. Recommended for incubators and accelerators
  • Tailor made presentations – Please contact us for specific requests for your own tailor made presentations. We have a given dozens of key-note presentations for different industries, such as the insurance industry and cultural


Co-creation of an event

CrowdfundingHub can help you structure your alternative finance / crowdfunding event, by creating a valuable program and inviting together the right speakers.

Some examples of events we co-organised:

  • Innovative Enterprise – Financing Ideas from Europe – 2-day European Commission conference with 2.000 visitors. Created the workshops and events on crowdfunding and alternative finance
  • Marketplace Lending 2016 – First non-UK conference on Marketplace lending, co-created with IIR
  • Oxford University – Equity Crowdfunding Roundtable – Hosted equity Crowdfunding roundtable with crowdfunding platforms

Acceleration program

For accelerators, incubators and other organisations supporting entrepreneurs, we offer a crowdfunding acceleration program to support a group of entrepreneurs at the same time with their crowdfunding campaign.

Because of collective training and peer-to-peer learning, these programs help entrepreneurs to be more successful when they start their crowdfunding campaign.

The Acceleration Program include some training days, professional guidance before, during and after a crowdfunding campaign and personalized advice for entrepreneurs and feedback from our experts.

A typical program looks like:

  • 2-day training program for 5-10 entrepreneurs
  • 4 hours personal advise per entrepreneur before starting a campaign
  • Pitch day to show other teams in the program the progress
  • Weekly conference call (Skype) during campaign with all entrepreneurs

Return day after all campaigns end will all participants to evaluate results, share experiences and provide tips to follow up with their investors.